Thursday, March 26, 2015

Remembering John Renbourn

John Renbourn was a beautiful and gentle man. His guitar playing was one of the foundations of the English Finger Style. First as a soloist, then with American Dorris Henderson, Renbourn worked the folk clubs of the U.K. In Glasgow he met Bert Jansch and things clicked. First as a duo and then as the foundation of the legendary band Pentangle. Following the breakup of that group, he often toured with his own John Renbourn Group and later Ship of Fools which included both Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle. His recordings were eclectic, ranging from American Blues and Old Time Country to Medieval music styles.

John Renbourn passed away today at age 70. He was both a master and an innovator. He is missed.

-Dave Palmater

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