Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pledge Your Support To WUMB Today!

As you have probably noticed we are in the middle of our Spring Fundraiser. We want to send out a big thank you to everyone who has pledged their support to WUMB so far. We have five more days to make our goal and we are already 65% of the way there! And don't forget--the sooner we reach our goal the sooner we end the Fundraiser!

Most radio stations have getting the biggest audience as their goal--the more people who listen, the more stations can charge advertisers. Here at WUMB, our goal is to win your heart. Our goal is to have you enjoy this station and the music we play as much as we do. We use a lot of words to try to entice you to give to public radio, but really, it's a simple idea. You listen because you find music you enjoy here. We are here for you every day, whenever you want us, on the radio and also online. 

Now is when we ask you to step up to the plate. Call and pledge your financial support to help us pay the costs of operating YOUR public radio station. This is made possible by your contribution. 

Call and pledge your support at 800-573-2100 and online here. Thanks again! 

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