Monday, February 6, 2012

Tom Rush old this week?!

My earliest memories of Tom Rush are of laying in the top army bunk with my closest brother (yes, we were a large family; sometimes four to a room) and listening to his self-titled 1970 LP on our cheap stereo, over…and over…and over… and over…’til one of us mustered up the energy to climb out of bed and turn it over to side 2…repeat process…
That voice…those songs…putting his distinctive stamp on soon to be famous songwriters I’d never heard of…Jackson Browne, Murray McLaughlin, John Estes, and some I HAD experienced…Fred Neil, James Taylor…
Flash forward…it’s 1981, I’m a Boston-ite…what’ya mean the New Year’s Eve concert at Symphony Hall is sold out?!?
Luckily I’ve had a chance to see him perform oft-times since, as recently as the WUMB Gala (see video above) about a year and a half ago, and the Scituate Heritage Festival at about the same time…and STILL! As arresting and entertaining a performer at (almost) 71 as he was 30 years ago and (I gather) almost 50 years ago as well!
Tom Rush does indeed turn 71 this Wednesday the 8th, and across the board (Perry, Marilyn, Dave, Jay & George) we plan on paying tribute to the man who’s music has touched so many in a myriad of ways.
What Tom Rush classic would you like to re-experience this coming Wednesday?
- Albert O

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