Friday, August 7, 2015

New WUMB Music: Bobby Long and Langhorne Slim

Every Friday morning at 7:30 Brendan Hogan highlights brand new music on WUMB. This week he featured new tracks from Bobby Long and Langhorne Slim & The Law.

Bobby Long, "Hideaway", Ode To Thinking
Twenty-nine year old British-born, New York-based singer songwriter Bobby Long released his third record Ode To Thinking, today. The album is named for its finger-picked opening track and is comprised of songs to which Long devoted the last year of his life, even playing them as part of his live sets. He says, "With some songs you have to play them out before you record them because they're not quite there yet". Ode To Thinking was produced by Mark Hallman--who also plays organ, bass, piano and drums on the album--and recorded in Hallman's Congress House Studios in Austin, TX and made possible by a PledgeMusic campaign comprised of over 750 pledgers.

Langhorne Slim & The Law, "Put It Together", The Spirit Moves 
Sean Scolnick is better known by his stage name Langhorne Slim taken from his hometown of Langhorne Pennsylvania. The Spirit Moves is his sixth album over all but second along with his band The Law. It is an important record for him, being his first written and recorded while sober, as well as his first written and recorded while single. Of the album he says, "I'm a strong believer that sensitivity and vulnerability are not weaknesses. They're some of the greatest strengths of man and woman kind, and that's what a lot of this record is about." The album was recorded with engineer Andrija Tokic at Tokic's The Bomb Shelter recording studio in East Nashville, TN.

-Kendall Stewart


  1. Thank you for playing Bobby Long! He is fantastic.