Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...

We asked some performers and our staff to let us know their New Year’s resolutions. This is what we’ve gotten so far. What is YOUR resolution for the next year?

My new year’s resolution is to be less hard on myself, stop sweating the small stuff and better behold the moment, oust perfectionism. Also, predictably, settle debt and get super healthy. i mean…medium healthy. god, that is really pointless. ugh, this blurb is so imperfect. But it's 2012 so i am okay with that.
~ Antje Duvekot

My New Year's resolution:  I want to learn a dozen tasty gluten-free recipes by heart.  I run on rather specialized fuel, so I want to make it more varied, flavorful, and interesting.
~ Pat Wictor

My New Year's Resolution is to listen more, talk less, increase my activism, decrease my consumption, write more relevant songs, buy local, promote and contribute more to public, non corporate media, and as always, be more loving and tolerant. I could go on but, another of my resolutions is to spend way less time sitting here typing!!!
~ Jonathan Edwards

My resolution this year is to slim down and bulk up. I think the folk community has left over-the-top muscledom to the hard core and hip hop scenes for too long now. I intend to launch some turf wars on the tougher Boston music scenes and feel confident that other folkies will bulk up and join me. I'm looking at you, Lori McKenna. 
~ Alastair Moock

This New Year I resolve to never eat anything bigger than my head. Unless absolutely necessary.
~ Robin Batteau

Synthesizing advice from a wide range of human behavior gurus who caution that over-ambitious resolutions set us up for guilt and failure, I have made but one, simple, achievable New Year's Resolution: Chew more slowly. (I'm kidding, but I meant it!)
~ Marilyn Rea Beyer (WUMB Announcer)

I've resolved that I will continue my at-least-6-times-a-year involvement in my 1-year-old grand-daughter's life (who lives 1,300 miles away) for the next year, no matter what.
~ Grady Moates (WUMB Director of Engineering)

Unfortunately, it’s the same resolution I’ve had for the past twenty years…to lose weight. I have vast hope that this will be the year (hmmm, sounds like the same hope we have for our home-town sports teams)!!
~ Pat Monteith (WUMB General Manager)

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