Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Grammy categories were eliminated

The Grammy nominations are out and I'm pleased to see that many of the artists you hear on WUMB were considered worthy of nomination. You can find a complete list at

I am, however, disturbed that as part of their decision to eliminate 30 categories, they seemed to have rolled what has previously been two categories into a single Best Folk Album category. In the last few years there has been a Contemporary Folk and a Traditional Folk category and while it was sometime confusing seeing which album ended up in what category, it was at least a chance to honor folk artists who were not primarily songwriters (they did the same thing in the Blues Category).

I think I can sum up my problem with this by asking if Pete Seeger had a new album this year, would it have had a chance in the current Best Folk Album category? You tell me. Am I way off base on this?

Here are the list of nominees for Best Folk Album:
  • Barton Hollow — The Civil Wars
  • I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive — Steve Earle
  • Helplessness Blues — Fleet Foxes
  • Ukulele Songs —  Eddie Vedder
  • The Harrow & The Harvest — Gillian Welch
- Dave Palmater

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